Overload, i.e. subjected to a greater load …
If you run a company, most likely it happens finding yourself overwhelmed and hindered by daily


What exactly does this depend on?

There are some people who think it is almost normal living in this way.

Others think that it depends on a particular period, or some other people simply justify this condition to a choice of life: family, company, etc.

For me, feeling “overloaded” mainly depends on 4 cases or situations:

1. Postponing things to do

First case: tendency not to do things when they need to be done.
Consequently, you postpone them for the next time and you overload yourself.

You basically don’t complete what you had to do and continue doing something else… in the meantime you are getting an immediate advantage (maybe you’re taking that time to do something that you enjoy or relax you) and then things pile up.

What to do? plan once a week and follow the time marked in your agenda.

Respect your schedule! What is marked there must become law.

2. Do not make the list of open cycles

Second case: in everyday life, you add extra things to do to your weekly schedule.

The most common explanation is: “I have everything in my head anyway.”

ERROR. Your brain fills with open windows, such as those of the computer, inevitably it tends to slow down.
How do you solve? Consider in your weekly planning, time for the unexpected activities.

from 9 to 10 → team meeting
from 10 to 10.20 → break (unexpected) from 10.20 to 11.15 → call with customer

Solution 2: Make a list of the all open cycles.

What open cycles are?
They are all those actions, temporarily pending, to be done at different times.

Can you think of something to be done, but that you shouldn’t do immediately? Take your list and put everything there.

If you have everything written down, there is no reason why you should feel overloaded. This method will allow you to have your head free and not burdened by a thousand thoughts.

You will just have to find the time to schedule the actions written in your list, depending on your priorities.

This will make you feel more peaceful.
The greatest satisfaction? check off everything you wrote in the list from time to time Remember, open cycles are not done once a week, but are constantly updated every week.

3. Having many roles and many tasks

Third case: having many roles.

In this case, you feel overloaded, because you actually are.
It means that you are having many roles and consequently, many things to do.

Solution: You need to start delegating.
First, you’ll need to figure out what you can delegate and what you can’t.

Once you start doing this, you will need to spend some time just supervising.

4. Suffering a negative influence

Fourth case: being under the influence of a difficult person that leads you to have less desire in doing things and a lot of tiredness.

Is there someone who worries you?
Does this person ever question himself?
Does this person tend to bring you only negative news? Does this person believe little in you?

What do you do in this case? Identify the person and distance yourself from them. If the person is someone very close to you, you will need to learn how to manage your relationship.


I also advise you to check if you are doing what you really want to do or if you are chasing someone else’s goal.

Do you recognize yourself in one of these cases and want to make a real change?
You will only need to go here and you will be contacted to better analyse your situation