We analyze the people in your company in order to make them more productive.

OSM International Group is a USA based boutique management consulting company with an office in Qatar.
The mission of OSM is to help businesses thrive through continuous education and increased awareness. We use a sophisticated analytical system called I-Profile (™) to make a 360 Degree screening of the attitude of employees and business owners and help them go beyond their current limitations towards success.

It has taken 27 years of research, our system has been used for our OSM customers in the USA, Europe, Switzerland, Russia, China and many other countries. Our approach makes large companies earn 20-50-100-300 %% more and do it with PEACE OF MIND.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

The concept of our company name is synonymous of “Available Access”. Open Source Management operates in the management consulting business sector for more than 25 years by identifying winning & strategic actions and making them available to companies in an effective and practical way.

Key Services

  • I-Profile Analysis – see real you and get to know your collaborators.

  • Leadership Training – improvement training for the Owner, GM/CEO and top management of the company.

  • GURU Jobs – the platform for recruiting your new employees who will bring change and improvement.