The New Leaders: HOW to Improve YOUR WORK and WIN the Competition
To the personal attention of the owner / CEO


Good morning

Do you know that 37% of companies are likely to fail in the next 5 years and will give the floor to others that are much more advanced?
Qatar is experiencing a moment of strong transformation, take advantage of this moment…

If your company does not yet have a system of corporate development and control, it will struggle to resist the ruthless competition and economic change that the country is experiencing.

Does managing your company and your job occupies all your thoughts and sometimes gives you the hard time?

Do you work hard and invest a lot of time and money, but your economic results do not satisfy you?

– Find out how to best manage your business and produce higher profits.
– Learn to optimize time and improve the human resources of your company.

Dear Entrepreneur/ General Manager,

Since we are both engaged in the management of our companies let this letter get straight to the point and if you’re seeing that to read this letter you need some time because it’s quite long, well… that’s exactly what I want to say, FIND the time to read it, it’s really important for you:

The first thing you will do, I am sure, is to look how long this letter is and you will ask, but why such a long letter? Well, you’ll understand it only by reading it until the end :). I advise you to take some time to read it, after all it is you who must bring the result to the company, so you have to allow yourself to do it: if you can not – there is something wrong with your company!!!

Everyone says that now there is the crisis in Qatar, but… ok, it is, but the truth is that there is also something else!

The truth is that there is something wrong with your company and it is your duty to find out.

The future of your industry will experience strong change, and in the next few years you can win or lose!
You have to understand on which side you want to stay…

HERE IS THE POINT: It is not that you lack will, but you have the fear of what your competitors do that steal from customers, and you think:

# They make prices too low
# They produce unacceptable quality
# There is a crisis
# I have collaborators who think only of the salary
# I have collaborators who are not professional and I have to do everything

Yes it is true, all this exists, there is the crisis, that’s why we are inviting you to stay with us, to be able to beat and win your competitors.

So what do you do to save your business?

If the problems were just these, then just with pushing a bit more and applying some small new strategy, you would have no problem winning! But the PROBLEM IS GREATER and LESS EVIDENT.

THE PROBLEM IS THAT NOBODY HAS GIVEN you the tools you need to do your job in the new economy, where everything has changed and still will change.

It is perhaps not true that you have to face more and more competition by reducing your earnings, you have collaborators who do not do your job well, you have clients asking for quotes and then they do work with your competitor and above all you have collaborators who just want salary not thinking about the good of your business?

Said IN SIMPLE WORDS: You always focus on problems and crises and do not work on THE DEVELOPMENT of your business, because most of the time you waste it working without being productive by controlling others that make you lose concentration. And above all, you do not have time for your family and you have no certainty for your future.

Let me tell you the truth directly! Now you will hate me and then maybe you will tell me that I was “right”. But I’ve been here before you and many other companies! There are FUNDAMENTAL things that we need to improve in companies, and who improves first, wins first!!!

Yes, your sector is undergoing a major change and those who know how to identify the change will win both on a personal and professional level.

Let me specify one point before continuing:

See, unlike our other colleagues, we at OSM have experienced our technologies firsthand and applied them on thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world, and their companies are bringing great profits.

We are the ONLY ones in the world to do it!

We are a company that unlike the others that only sell you training, we work first of all with the company owner through our technology of I-Profile. We work with him to improve his strengths and bring out his blind spots and weaknesses, after that we work on his managers and finally on the sales people, etc, so that everyone can get the maximum result and reach the company goal.

There are hundreds of training companies, some of them are excellent too, but we are the only ones to offer you this scientific system that has taken 27 years of research, the system that has been used for our OSM customers in the USA, Europe, Switzerland, Russia, China and many other countries, the system that makes large companies earn 20-50-100-300 %% more and do it with PEACE OF MIND:

§. I-Profile, see real you and get to know your collaborators
§. Guru Jobs, the platform for recruiting your employees
§. We follow the companies up to the established goal

As you well understood, this is the most complete and functional system and technology that an entrepreneur who aims at success can access, thanks to which you ALSO can drastically improve the way you manage your company and your employees and finally be able to:

§ Always attract new customers and retain old ones before your competitor does it
§ Turn normal employees into your most trusted employees
§ Make your company the leader of your area and become the international leader
§ Make sure your customers trust you
§ Have everything under control without stress

THANKS to the OSM Qatar

§ You will learn how to breathe the air of serenity in the company
§ Avoiding conflicts between partners or between father and children
§ Hear customers who speak well of your company
§ No longer have the worry of concentrating on those who steal from work
§ And FINALLY, have free time to dedicate yourself to improving the things that work and do not waste time fixing things that do not work.

As you already know among our customers in Qatar we have important companies with which we are working and getting great results, one that I can tell you are the managers of Maserati and Ferrari.

So, how do we do to work together between my company and yours?

Simple, you do not have to trust me, first I want to give you the results!
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[It is true that you will ask yourself: who guarantees me that it will work also with ME? ]

I want to be clear with YOU!
The only one to give you the guarantee will be you and your commitment… and nobody else!!! However we provide the right means and help you to the end, you will not be left alone, NEVER!!!

Naturally, I come to ask you:

1 – Who guarantees that as you are working now you will succeed and earn money?
2 – Who guarantees that it will not be your competitor to fight and sweep you out?

Sure enough, you have already experienced many disappointments: if you rely on the usual way of management, the usual customers, the usual decisions, the usual advice of friends, the usual staff, the usual suppliers especially if they are those who want to get you open the wallet and then see how the things go…, of course they will not be the ones to help you solve your company’s problems, or rather it will happen that things get worse and worse!

Now it is the time to do what the best of the best are doing, and not only in your industry, but in all areas. It is time to create TRAINING within your company just in the way like some big businesses are doing, organize with us a personalized academy for your company.

This will make you win…

With full respect, we are not promising miracles: we are telling you that, without certain skills, your company is slowed down, but with the right tools you can get results that will make you resume the pleasure of managing your business, see customers becoming more and more satisfied, and your business breathing easier…

And thanks to this and our unique system reserved for entrepreneurs, not only will you be able to better manage your company or several companies, but if you want, you can take it or use it for another business that you want to create, BECAUSE YOU WILL FIND THE LEVER TO CREATE THE POSITIVE GROWTH!!!

The market is constantly changing without asking anyone’s permission, and you must be prepared for changes in management strategies, markets and customer needs.

As a soccer player, he must know all the roles of the game, but specialize in his role. For example, if he is a striker he must specialize in scoring, if he is a defender he must train not to advance the opposing player.
As an entrepreneur you must train and help your team not to pass the competitor and hit the goalllll!!!

That’s why a businessman like you who wants to win in this market made of whales and small fish must have these two specializations: do not advance the competitor AND score a Goal …

You will agree with me that they are both important, and that they save your life.

You will surely ask yourself some questions:

Question 1: Won’t it be one of the many training courses that will give me many concepts and no practice and therefore no results, but will it be just a waste of time?

Answer 1: You will learn practical methods and tools! At the end of the program you will know:
The strengths and weaknesses of you and your managers and sales staff, you will know how to beat your competitors, how to create a successful team and much more! We will be at your side and will never leave you alone.

Question 2: But we are too small (or too big), our sector does not need all these qualifications, the customer only cares about the price because in Qatar we are living in a moment of crisis.

Answer 2: The training system that we propose does not work with all companies, but only in ONE NICHE, i.e with those where the owner or general manager accepts and understands that the way of doing business has changed. Among our customers are small and medium companies, as well as very important big companies, in different countries of the world.

Question 3: My industry will never change, because my colleagues will never change and will ruin everything that I would like to innovate.

Answer 3: Well, if your opinion would really be this, it’s the excuse to stay like you are now, stay in the comfort of not making changes, even if deep down you know it can be the beginning of the end. Unless you are a man who has no children to leave the business to, you have no ambitions and you want to risk the life of your company. If not, know that the purpose of this letter is not to sell you something, but to demonstrate you the opportunity to put an extra gear to your company and in some cases get out of the risk of failing or losing money instead of earning them!

Question 4: Why is it such a long letter? Who will ever read all this amount of stuff?

Answer 4: I think this is the most serious and effective way to communicate with you. You are a person first of all and then an entrepreneur, to whom we want to give all our contribution to get a transformation.
Inside this letter there is the intelligent method of how you too can communicate to your customers so that they remain forever interested in your company.

As I said before, this letter does not intend to sell you anything, but give you the chance to “TEST” our winning technology.

Now the thing you need to do is to test yourself!
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See you at the Event on October 9th.

Today managing a company means excelling and spreading your skills!!!

WE create a new world of companies.

See you on October 9th
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