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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a businessman or a freelancer, you must know that the only difference between a successful business and a non-profitable one is management and the ability to successfully apply its strategies and processes. 


The truth is; there are no businesses that don't work. There are only entrepreneurs who were not taught how to drive and lead a business to success. There are processes to be learned, mechanisms, and figures to be applied and keep under control, employees to be managed, results to be evaluated and the ability to recruit the best people. 
But the beauty is that all of these skills can be learned.



This is why we have created 

the Entrepreneurs Inner Circle!



Such restricted circle will allow you to access (with privileged benefits) the knowledge of previous experiences and proven method that thousands of entrepreneurs and managers have already been applying in Qatar and all over the word with tremendous results.


It is a real membership, an elite club of entrepreneurs who have understood the importance of training, of constantly gathering information, updating and testing with the aim of improving the performance of their company every day.


We have unpacked all the disciplines you need to know if you want to learn how to manage a successful business, we have collected all our study manuals, contacted all our partners and even the best international entrepreneurs from different sectors. 

With such collective 
knowledge we have produced lessons, reports and private consultations sessions on monthly basis...and throughout our
 membership programme, you will have access to the most powerful collective knowledge on today's business world from the comfort of your office, by receiving personalised private consultations, soft and hard copies, seminars, conferences interfacing with internationally successful entrepreneurs and much more...

And right now you have the unique opportunity to join the Entrepreneurs Inner Circle of OSM and access the most advanced business management strategies for the first time ever.


Reviews from our Entrepreneurs Inner Circle's members:

When COVID 19 was announced by WHO as a Pandemic and the realization of how it will impact the day to day life and reshape the lives of the entire human race very little did I know how it is going to have a significant impact on the investments that we have made in our company over the past few months.


The unexpected arrival of this emergency, and the beginning of the month of Ramadan with reduced working hours we were sceptical about the intensity of the situation that we might be in.

I was left with very minimal options…Keep worrying about the situation and leave me couching in my house and expressing the stress with everyone or everything around me or get back to work!

It requires a great level of motivation to get back to work and looking at things positively, but after the tips and advice of OSM Management, it persuaded me to opt to continue to work. We kept in touch, as guided from OSM, with all our customers and informed them that we are there to support them and provided them the confidence of business continuity.

With the OSM method I managed to keep my team motivated and they provided various promotions through our re-sellers. We managed to reach reasonable turnovers which was least expected and assuming that we would be on total loss. Now, at this moment, with my team and the guidance provided by OSM, we are thinking on ways to position ourselves for the future.


Design actions that are much more improved than our competitors. Now it’s been more than one year that OSM is guiding us and I would like to thank Ivan & Sal, and the whole group of OSM that during this unprecedented and less hopeful situation that helped us manage the situation.

Hashif Olakara; CEO
Eastern Gate Trading & Marketing

Awarded 12th Rank among top 50 SME in Qatar

As soon as I received my I-Profile Analysis results and attended OSM services my assertiveness concept was developed as a result of the training which increased delegation to team members and spread confidence and trust factor.


Where I would summarise the main aspects and corner stones for me and my team productivity as below: 

1. Applying the Cause and Effect factor which helped us to smoothly find solutions to any problem.


2.  Utilising emotional intelligence awareness and development has helped to motivate our staff into higher productivity.


3. Mastering the art of dealing with people was a secret to our success.

I would highly recommend to all the executives and individuals in senior positions to contract with OSM for their services. OSM has helped in defining and attracting the right caliber of people.


Finding the perfect match for the vacancies we had has helped us reduce the recruitment costs (hiring, retaining and releasing if necessary) with the ROI in mind.


Improving the morale at the company, achieving high results by being productive as individuals and as a team.


Al Rabban Holding

Mr. Mazen Chedi ; Group HR Manager










Before doing the I-Profile Analysis and the training with OSM, we had many missed communications among the senior team.


I-Profile helped us to understand each one's attitude, our work behaviour, and how we can find ways to properly communicate with each other to eventually be more effective.

I really found it interesting learning about each of our strengths and weaknesses which allowed us to work out a good communication plan to fix the whole team communication skills, achieve better results, and have a healthier work environment.

Being aware of my strength and areas for improvement allowed me to improve my approach which created a smoother environment and a more work understanding relationship.

I highly recommend I- Profile Analysis for all senior levels, to allow them for coming up with innovative ideas for strengthening their management skills and ways to improve their management process to get successful results.


Al Shamlan Holding

Rima Moukheibor Klimos


We have more than 400 people in our company and we really put a lot of effort in making sure we recruit the best people and to keep each department productive with positivity.

We have tried lots of recruitment tools, agencies, consultancy companies and coaches to help us in both recruitment process and company management.


Although they were beneficial I have never seen such an incredible, complete, practical and accurate business consultancy company like OSM!

With OSM services my top management was able to operate in a higher efficiency and with smoother procedures. 

In our organization we also monitor the performance of our people where we have analysed that the employees who were enrolled in trainings and other activities with OSM and found that they are performing better than before, bringing higher tangible results.


OSM is really an added value for your company, the right partner that you want to have to flourish your business!

Riccardo Iovino;

EdiliziaAcrobatica is now a listed company in the Stock Market


I was working a lot and I was stressed, I didn’t have the results I was aiming for. I began to think that I would have risked to fail, to no longer collect from my customers and to not be able to pay my suppliers.
I got to know OSM and they told me that they would have helped me overcome the crisis. I immediately signed up to speak with one of their consultants.


I spoke to Salvatore and from that moment I understood that I could put my company in safety. I am following their advice and finally I’m achieving much bigger results in a very short term.

Now with the right strategy, which I’m learning from OSM, I’m able to see a bright future for my company.

Rami Khaled; CEO
Arka Design


At 49, I (finally) decided to start my own business ... as soon as I met OSM and the people who work in it (3 in particular) ...


I immediately gained 30 years back of youth, motivation and determination but above all thanks to these beautiful people I felt important ... and on this aspect they are the number 1 in the world ...


I come from a complicated personal and professional path ... now with these people of great value I hope to be able to live for many more years and make my dreams come true and even more to make others win and feel good .... Heartfelt thanks to Salvatore and Fabian ... together with the great Paolo and his powerful team

Jacques Haddad; CEO



Entrepreneurs Inner Circle Members receive EVERY MONTH:


1. OSM Paper Dossier that you will receive directly at YOUR home with all the news in the management field RESERVED to the members of the Circle (these will not be available elsewhere).


2. Weekly private consultancy sessions with an OSM consultant (at your office or our offcies), on business management and personnel management, to boost the performance of your team and the foundations to create a solid and prosperous company even in the face of any crisis . Analyse and work on what kind of structure to give to your business model to take you to the top of the market....


3. Exclusive manual for your personalised program. Let yourself be guided by a program that we will create tailor-made for you in which you will find valuable teachings, concepts and information that you cannot find anywhere else. This path will allow you to become a capable, credible and authoritative leader who can finally take advantage of all the benefits of

an entrepreneur, and getting the most of your employees.


4. Two Monthly Masterclass with successful international entrepreneurs and coaches. It is the online lesson that every entrepreneur should attend. Any doubts, hesitations or uncertainties regarding your company, how to structure it, expand it or make it more productive, will be erased and with it all the mistakes that have prevented you from achieving success to date.


5. “I-Profile Analysis” is the most accurate aptitude questionnaire in the world. You will have the opportunity to fill out your personal questionnaire. This will allow you to know and develop the most important personal characteristics that will lead you to obtain extraordinary results. A real check-up of your attitudes that will boost your areas of strength and work on your areas for improvement, in order to achieve success and become a leader in both your professional and personal area. This tool was created precisely after having analysed for many years which are the most important attitudinal characteristics of the most successful people in the world.

You can work really hard, trade, invest, open start-ups but until you start to REALLY work on your internal characteristics, it will be hard to become really wealthy.

Your path to earning and building wealth begins with improving some of your internal characteristics.


6. Update based on your I-Profile results and the status of your company. Every month we will give you articles and hands-on activities to do.

It is about real actions to put in place with our guide, to continuously be involved in personal growth.


7. You will have the access to our OSM Business Class App where you will find video trainings and audio books which you may listen whenever you want even during car journeys.

8. Entrepreneurs Inner Circle MEMBERS 'Privileges: Just as happened with our most historic clients, Entrepreneurs Inner Circle

members access special offers on courses and events made in OSM Planet.


But that's not all!

After 6 full months of enrolment in the Entrepreneurs Inner Circle, if the subscription remains active, you will receive your exclusive invitation to participate for free in the MBS-Mind Business School directly in Italy as a VIP student.

The MBS-Mind Business School is a structured two-day course where hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and managers from all over the world come together to study, and you will receive all the tools needed to "boost" your business until the success it deserves.
Together with our technical and operational staff, in fact, you will receive information, procedures, inputs and fundamental strategies relating to the 3 pillars needed to build a Management First company:

  • the OSM Company Management;

  • the financial management;

  • People Management.


In addition to the fundamental theoretical parts, at MBS you will have an important practical and operational session, to ground everything you will learn, under the constant supervision of the OSM staff.

Moreover, at MBS there are only selected successful entrepreneurs and managers, with prosperous companies and businesses, so you will have the opportunity to make alliances with international entrepreneurs ready for business opportunities.

Entrepreneurs Inner Circle is a real university for entrepreneurs, freelancer, businessmen, directors and executive managers, where to learn everything that consulting firms, MBAs and international university masters and business trainings have never taught you about doing business profitably in the 21st century.


This is possible because, unlike Universities, any MBAs or programs in other organisations, we are entrepreneurs teaching other entrepreneurs how to use little theory and very practical approaches.


You will thus be able to manage your company as a world-class Manager and finally be a FREE entrepreneur!


And after 6 full months of membership in the Inner Circle, if the subscription remains active, you will receive your exclusive invitation to participate for free in this concentrate of skills and strategies you need to know for growing your company constantly.



A little warning ...


Some of these materials are created for internal use by our companies. They are literally the same indications that we give to OUR collaborators and to our partners. Then you will hear, not only the tricks and strategies ... but also the "guidelines" and "tips" we give to our partners.

In this membership we will be very direct and we will use a rather explicit language. We will not try to sweeten the pill in any way.

If you are brave enough and it doesn't scare you to find yourself face to face with harsh reality... then we can guarantee you that you are about to experience the most transforming and highly impacting experience your mind has ever thought of experiencing.

We will push you beyond the limits and show you how the possibilities in today's world for an entrepreneur connected with healthy values are truly endless...

We will provide you with all the tools you need to clean up the competition and be authoritative in today's market regardless of which sector you belong to.

But we will not stop there ... we will make sure that you will be able to master the same weapons that the most successful entrepreneurs and our successful clients are using in their companies (these are really heavy stuff, material that people out there completely ignore the existence of).


If you are ready to be overwhelmed by this shock wave and you are aware that your way of working will never be the same, then don't hesitate!

Warranty for you:

Our services stop when you get proven results, otherwise we keep staying next to you until you get the results aimed.

It is not a coincidence that the percentage growth of our clients, in both Qatari and International markets, is up to 82% .


We created the Circle of Entrepreneurs for this specific reason, to provide you every month with tools, strategies, information and practical guides to NEVER leave you alone in the face of the most complex decisions for your company... all of these for a ridiculous investment.

At this moment, therefore, you can sink your

hands into a treasure trove of private consultancy, paper reports, webinars, facilitations to participate in our courses and much more.

Simply put, everything you need to rock your business and go to the next level as a businessman and as individual.

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3. After that, we will set a meeting directly with you and an OSM consultant

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