Sales Course 5th – 6th March, Doha


Those who do not know the art of selling, lose 80% of the opportunities of closing a deal. The human and relational skills of the salesman count more than the product itself! Through the selling course, you will discover extremely innovative strategies and techniques that will allow you to: 1) boost your sales; 2) Increase the percentage of closing a deal during the negotiations with new customers by 30%; 3) Make sure that the client becomes your fan, and at the same time a valid ally which will allow you to increase the referrals Download-->SalesCourse

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The New Leaders


    Special Event on 9th October: “The New Leaders: what do business owners and directors need to know to win in modern economy”    

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Leadership course Doha – 6/7 March


OSM Leadership Training During this two days training, we teach the owner the following concepts: That he is the Cause of the behavior and productivity of his people That he has to maintain a positive emotional attitude and energize people rather than putting them down The key factors that people want in order to be motivated: praise, involvement in the company and genuine care for their well being. These three factors take precedence in building positive motivation over money, job security, promotion etc. How to manage his time in order to be effective and be able [...]

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