OSM Leadership Training

During this two days training, we teach the owner the following concepts:

  • That he is the Cause of the behavior and productivity of his people
  • That he has to maintain a positive emotional attitude and energize people rather than putting them down
  • The key factors that people want in order to be motivated: praise, involvement in the company and genuine care for their well being. These three factors take precedence in building positive motivation over money, job security, promotion etc.
  • How to manage his time in order to be effective and be able to do the things that are important and will make the difference for his company rather than being constantly overworked and ineffective
  • What are the Leadership characteristics and how to develop them in oneself. How to be better at asking, at getting and at motivating
  • How to improve people, how to correct people who make mistakes or are demotivated, how to develop good managers for the company
  • How to make goals come true.
  • He is going to be coached and made strong on any of the above points.

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